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“Jesus Said it. I believe it and that is good enough for me.”

Pastor Marvin A. Griffin, Sr. and Shirley Griffin

— Rev. Marvin A. Griffin, Sr. & Shirley Griffin

Reverend Marvin A. Griffin, Sr. is the son of the Reverend William H. Griffin Jr. and Ella M. Griffin. He was born in Camden, Alabama in 1964. Pastor attended Lutheran Elementary Schools in Alabama and Lutheran High Schools in Chicago, Illinois (Southside). He continued his education at Concordia University for his undergraduate studies, which he majored in Social Work. In 1978 he entered the Holy Ministry. Reverend Griffin entered the Seminary and completed his studies and was ordained in 1981.

— Pastor and the Board of Elders

Pastor Griffin has served in the Ministry for over thirty (30) years. He has been blessed to serve many diverse Congregations. The most current Lutheran Congregation was Grace Lutheran Church located in Queens Village, New York, LCMS; until he received a Divine Call to St. Philip’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, in Detroit, Michigan, LCMS; as Pastor. On Sunday, November 2, 2014, he was installed, where he and his wife Shirley were welcomed with loving arms from the St. Philip’s congregation.

Pastor Griffin St. Philips Church and Elders
Sunday service St.Philip's congregation

— St. Philip's Sunday Service

Pastor Griffin’s focus is to “Preach, Teach and Baptize.” He can often be heard expressing this throughout Bible study, services and events at St. Philip’s.

Men' s Prayer Breakfast - St. Philip's Lutheran Church - Detroit
Pastor Griffin and Eachelle Raimey - St. Philip's Lutheran
Harlem Nights Guests 2018

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